Aseptic Natural Coconut Water (UHT)


Aseptic natural coconut water is a translucent liquid from the naturally occurring liquid endosperm of the freah mature coconut, no preservative and additive added product is 100% and commercially sterile.


Physical Colour and Appearance Clear to transluscent liquid, color will naturally turn yellowish during storage some natural sedimentation may occur, Coconut water is low acid food and therefore subject to rigid pasteurization temperature set by the FDA. As a result some scalling (scalling or natural precipitation involves crystallization of solid salts, oxides, and hydroxides)of the minerals may occur, resulting in grayish particles that will settle on the bottom of the drums/cartons, if these particles are not desired, we recommend customer filter it using a hayward or GAF bag filter.
Flavor and Odour Typical of natural coconut water
Chemical PH 5.4 Minimum
Total soluble solid 3.6-4.0
Dry Matter (% w/w) 3.0-4.0
Microbiological Commercial sterility Commercially sterile
Ingredient Listing 100% natural coconut water
Packing The product is aseptically packed in 1 x 20kg aseptic bag in box or l x 200kg aseptic bag in 55 US gallon Drum
Storage & Handling The product shall be stored in cool area, away from direct sunlight
Shelf Life 12 months in aseptic packaging but will turen yellowish in 4-6 months time depending on storage condition and temperature (Preferably chilled below 18 degree of frozen storage)
Kosher Status/Halal Status Aseptic natural coconut water (UHT) is KOSHER and HALAL Certified

NOTE: The product spefication is according to manufacturer product specification.